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 January 7, 2023


Rockin' Saturday Evening
Featuring new improvisational variations of band's familiar tunes, everyone at Lory's was Feelin' Alright! The eclectic song collection was put to good use as there was dancing in the aisles. Everyone loved John's signature forays in the crowd as he rustled up supercharged guitar solos. Jess' and Michael's vocals were front and center and Lou kept the setlist drivin' with his Rickenbacker bass.

 October 22, 2022


A Perfect Dog Day of Autumn
The band lent their services to a perfectly bright and sunny day on the grounds of Marty's Place for Senior Dog Care for their annual Outdoor Fundraising Spooktacular Event. Several of the group's rocking sets provided the soundtrack to a great fun-filled event attended by nearly a thousand people. Simply a perfect outdoor gig!

 August 20, 2022


Another Summer Night
Undermanned but never outgunned, the band tore threw their typically eclectic set list at Lory's Lakeside aided ably by journeyman bassist Angelo Mancuso.  A heroic vocal effort by Michael was supplemented with tunes sung by John and Andy and backing vocals were shared by all. Solo guitar selections by John provided masterful counterpoint to the whole band's rockin' lineup while providing much needed respite for Michael's overworked vocal cords. A great time was had by all!

 July 28, 2022


Rockin' in Red Bank
A typically eclectic setlist burst forth at the Red Tank Brewing venue in the music district of downtown Red Bank. Sweet strains and power chords filled the air for the appreciative crowd who called for more after each rousing John Buck solo.  The band wrapped up the evening with a rocking version of the Clapton and Bramlett nugget, Let It Rain.  

 July 23, 2022


Sizzling Summer Heat
The historic heatwave only stoked the band to a new level as everyone dug the band's typically eclectic music selections.  Supported by Angelo Mancuso on bass, the temperature dropped with the setting sun, but the band whipped up tunes at the same fever pitch. The crowd swelled as friends called friends to come down to Sunsets and the last set finished with the crowd calling for more! 

 July 10, 2022


Summer at the Shore!
A beautiful summer Sunday afternoon became a great evening for the band to rock the crowd at Sunset's. Tight selections featuring Jess' and Micheal's strong vocals. Dancing to the beat, the crowd demanded more. Great fun for all!
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